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New Documentary commemorates 100th Anniversary of Charleston and Mattoon Tornado

Christ lag in Todesbanden: CDCraigAt 3:45 P.M. on the 26th day of May 1917, a ominous cloud appeared on the western fringes of Mattoon, Illinois. The cloud had a black with green appearance throwing debris into the air. Within a very short time, a portion of the two prairie cities were leveled. After the storm blew through, the sun began to shine on the quiet cities as people who sought shelter began to appear to assess the damage. It was on this day that God showed his will to protect or his desire to destroy. Using historical documents and letters and descendents of those witnesses, the story of one of America's worst natural disasters is presented.


Craig completes New Sacred Work for Easter

Christ lag in Todesbanden: CDCraigAs the music director of the First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, Illinois, Craig wanted to write a cantata for Easter using Martin Luther's text from the hymn, "Christ Lay in Death's Strong Bands." The work features soloists, choir, and a chamber ensemble. The work will be performed at the First Presbyterian Church on the second Sunday of Easter (April 23) by the Chancel Choir and members of the Eastern Illinois Univeristy's Department of Music Voice Majors. The work will be performed in English.